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News & Articles / 09.08.2022

Entebbe, Uganda – Flight Simulator Unveiled

Air Serv, a leading provider of humanitarian logistical support and aviation services in Africa, has revealed the newest addition to its groundbreaking training program for pilots and engineers. The Redbird CRV-S flight simulator was unveiled at Air Serv’s offices in Entebbe, Uganda, where the organization...

News & Articles / 22.06.2022

Avtra Gifts Software to Air Serv International to Advance Humanitarian Air Operations

Remington, VA. A new software gifted to Air Serv International by Avtra this week will increase the efficiency of the humanitarian organization’s air operations going forward. Avtra, one of the world’s leading providers in technology solutions for the aviation sector, donated the tailored reservations system...

News & Articles / 05.01.2022

ISTAT Foundation Partners with Air Serv to Provide Humanitarian Aid Access

Remington, VA. The ISTAT Foundation has awarded a $5,000 grant to Air Serv International for the purpose of supporting direct flight services to humanitarian organizations. Air Serv, headquartered just outside of Washington DC and maintaining an operations base at Entebbe Airport in Uganda, has been...