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Avtra Gifts Software to Air Serv International to Advance Humanitarian Air Operations

Remington, VA. A new software gifted to Air Serv International by Avtra this week will increase the efficiency of the humanitarian organization’s air operations going forward. Avtra, one of the world’s leading providers in technology solutions for the aviation sector, donated the tailored reservations system to Air Serv as part of its global initiative to support humanitarian endeavors. The platform has been specifically modified to support Air Serv’s operations and is intended to help streamline program management.

“We at Avtra recognize the amazing work that Air Serv has undertaken over the past decades and want to do our part in supporting our aviation colleagues and heroes,” says Amir Hashemi, Avtra’s Chief Executive Offer. “By coming together and providing innovative solutions, we can have a bigger and more meaningful impact. We are thrilled to join Air Serv and help them continue providing lifesaving support to those most in need.”

Through the utilization of customized tools, Avtra’s software will enable Air Serv to not only maximize flight tracking abilities and coordination with humanitarian partners, but will eventually assist in enabling aid agencies to access seat and cargo availability in real time. The organization seeks to one day offer an online system which will allow designated partners to book seats and cargo on a space-available basis directly through the Air Serv website. For nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating in areas with very limited infrastructure, such an ability would offer immense convenience, as well as drastically improve logistical coordination in the field.

Upon completion of the software development, Avtra provided hands-on training to Air Serv staff. In addition to familiarization with the program, the training sessions offered an opportunity to address inquiries specific to the challenges faced by companies operating in unique circumstances, such as Air Serv.

“This tool will enable effective planning and timely scheduling of our humanitarian flights,” said Johnson Mugulusi, Air Serv’s Managing Director in Uganda. “The information and statistics this software can provide us is critical to planning routes and schedules to maximize transport options for our partners. We are grateful and honored to be the recipients of such a generous gift from Avtra, and are excited for the role it will play in the development of humanitarian aviation services.”

About Avtra

Avtra is a specialist IT provider for the airline industry, offering end-to-end software solutions for airlines, airports, and travel agents. Avtra was created with the aim of delivering innovative purpose-built IT solutions that can support modern carriers and their needs. Avtra today is a result of many years of dedication and hard work. It has been built from scratch, incorporating the latest open technologies- in a multitiered modular architecture- allowing for the delivery of end-to-end inventory control and distribution for airlines of all sizes and business models. For more information about Avtra, please visit

About Air Serv

Air Serv aircraft serve as a bridge, carrying aid from the donors to those who need it most. With a fleet of five Cessna Caravans, Air Serv specializes in “last-mile” air transportation in support of humanitarian programs. In addition to charter, facilities, maintenance, and consulting services, Air Serv is dedicated to providing response capabilities for organizations operating in disaster areas. For information about humanitarian programs or to make a donation to support emergency response efforts, please visit For more information about operations and facilities, please visit