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South Asia: Air Serv International flies NGO teams and government officials to hardest hit areas of tsunami destruction

Catholic Relief Services, CARE, World Vision, UN Assessment Teams, and US Congressional Delegations On Air Serv’s Passenger List

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jan. 12, 2005 — Senators Lugar, Frist, and Shays and staff are visiting areas of tsunami destruction in Sri Lanka today utilizing a King Air 300 operated by Virginia-based Air Serv International. Also flying on Air Serv’s fleet are assessment teams from the United Nations and relief workers from several NGOs involved in distributing commodities and supplies that have been trucked into areas struck by the devastating tsunami.

Other organizations requesting and receiving services from Air Serv this week include:

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • CARE
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • World Vision
  • World Concern

“Most people assume that relief supplies are the only key element of a response,” said Air Serv President Stuart Willcuts, who is on site in Sri Lanka. “However, the people who plan, manage, and evaluate these operations are equally important. Without them, there are no supplies sent out and none distributed.”

Update From Tsunami Site:

Currently, Air Serv has 5 helicopters operating in Sumatra:

  • 3 with MSF-H and MSF group
  • 1 with World Vision
  • 1 unassigned Bell-407 available for various others on a charter rate

Additionally, Air Serv has 2 airplanes serving various locations:

  • A King Air 200 for NGOs to commute between Medan/Banda Aceh/Mobulah/Jakarta.
  • A King Air 300 and a Puma helicopter in Colombo.

Air Serv International, a non-profit organization, is requesting donations for its tsunami assistance projects. Contributions may be sent to the organization’s Virginia offices, or can be made at

Air Serv International excels in transportation and communication links. For 20 years, Air Serv has been providing safe, reliable, and cost effective air transport to humanitarian agencies involved in relief and development activities.

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