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Released Canadian hostage flown out of Iraq by Air Serv International

Aid Worker is Fifth Former Hostage Airlifted to Safety This Week by the Humanitarian Aviation Service
AMMAN, Jordan, April 17, 2004 — The Canadian hostage released yesterday by Iraqi militants was flown from Baghdad to Amman today by Air Serv International, the humanitarian aviation service.

Syrian-born aid worker Fadi Fadel, 33, a Canadian citizen, was abducted by local militia in southern Iraq on April 7 while working for the New York City-based International Rescue Committee. Fadel emigrated with his family to Canada in 1990 and has been a Canadian citizen for several years. He had worked with troubled youth in Canada and went to Iraq to develop programs for youngsters there.

Air Serv International also flew three freed Japanese hostages and a released French hostage out of Iraq yesterday.

Air Serv International, a Warrenton, Virginia-based non-profit humanitarian aid organization, has an ongoing Jordan-based flight program with three Beech 1900D aircraft that go into and out of Iraq daily. Air Serv has been flying into Iraq since May 1, 2003, and was the first humanitarian, non-governmental air service in Iraq following the major hostilities. It is the only civilian, non-commercial air service into Baghdad International Airport.

Air Serv International’s mission is to use aircraft and other appropriate technology for relief and development, restoring hope for the suffering. Air Serv provides safe, reliable, and cost effective air transport to humanitarian agencies involved in relief and development activities.

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