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Air Serv prepares for Afghanistan

As the anti-terrorist campaign continues in Afghanistan, Air Serv has initiated preparations for an immediate response to serve the people of Afghanistan in areas liberated from Taliban rule. Air Serv President, Stu Willcuts, and Don Cressman travelled to Pakistan in late November to assess the need for aircraft to support resumption of humanitarian operations within Afghanistan. While there, they submitted applications for NGO status in Pakistan as well as for flight permissions from Islamabad into areas of Afghanistan determined to be safe for the return of humanitarian agencies.

Over 30 international agencies have begun to return to locations throughout Afghanistan. However road travel is still hazardous due to mines, unexploded ordnance, and banditry. Air Serv will provide the vital link to bridge the danger zones to allow relief workers access to areas of greatest need. We are ordering tools, support equipment and spare parts for two King Air 200 aircraft and plan to launch them to Islamabad the first week of January.