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Air Serv Ltd. Approved for UN Flight Operations

WARRENTON, VIRGINIA (April 28, 2011): Following a long and formidable certification process Air Serv Limited has been given approval by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) Aviation Safety Unit to provide air operations in support of United Nations efforts around the world. Air Serv Limited is a subsidiary of Air Serv International, a well known and respected leader in global aid and development flights since 1985.

Since 2005 the WFP has been charged with aviation oversight and coordination for all UN-administered programs in developing countries. As a result of WFP’s approval, Air Serv now officially qualifies to support UN personnel, NGOs and others in need of safe and reliable air transport to destinations in Uganda, Sudan, CAR, DRC and other humanitarian and logistically challenged areas in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

For those facing logistical and supply chain challenges in remote areas, WFP accreditation of a local Ugandan aviation resource is good news. In East Africa, a region historically plagued by disease, starvation, and civilian displacement, humanitarian workers often find themselves stretched between too many demands, with too little access to available aircraft.

“We have had numerous requests from UN and other international agencies for our services. With WFP accreditation, we now have the ability to respond to this need quickly and without debate regarding our safety and reliability,” notes Air Serv’s CEO, Dave Carlstrom. “After overcoming the many anticipated obstacles to establishing itself as a recognized aviation service in this region,” he noted, “the Air Serv organization is now positioned to continue with its original vision of supporting the many humanitarian organizations active throughout Africa.”

Committed to excellence in maintenance and air operations, Air Serv Limited also offers a wide range of services to the region’s aviation community. Its Uganda air, hangar and flight operations center located at Hangar One on Entebbe International Airport provides maintenance services and hangar and office leasing for local and international air operators on either a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Air Serv Ltd. is the wholly-owned Uganda-based commercial subsidiary of Air Serv International and holds a Uganda Air Operators Certificate and Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certificate. Based in Entebbe, Uganda, it offers aircraft capability throughout Uganda, East Africa and the Great Lakes Region.