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USA: Air Serv response to Hurricane Katrina

In response to Hurricane Katrina, Air Serv International has provided assistance to Entergy, the electric utility serving New Orleans and other regions that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. The company is working round the clock to return electrical power to the area. Air Serv has coordinated the contact between Entergy and Croman Corporation of White City , Oregon , to arrange for the deployment of one Sikorsky-61 heavy-lift helicopter from southern Oregon to Mississippi to lift at least 12 electrical towers, 5,000 pounds each, into position to replace those knocked over by Katrina. These towers carry the electrical lines that will provide power to the distribution points for the pumps that are being used to pull the water out of New Orleans and to the pumping stations that work the fuel pipelines providing gasoline, diesel, etc. to the northeastern United States.

Air Serv is also standing by with other aircraft that can be deployed to help those in need as rescue and recovery efforts continue.