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Data and satellite communications planned for Iraq humanitarian workers

Air Serv and Global Resources for Computing To Provide Services
Warrenton, Virginia, June 5, 2003 – Air Serv International is collaborating with Global Resources for Computing (GRC) of Yucaipa, California, to provide data services and satellite communications to relief workers and non-governmental organizations operating in Iraq. Air Serv and GRC will provide air transportation, logistics, networking, satellite-based data communications, and computer systems support to organizations and agencies working in the war-torn region.

Air Serv provides a strong logistics and air transportation component, as well as 18 years of international relief effort experience. GRC provides strong technical abilities in secure data communications, satellite technology, data systems support, and networking.

Air Serv and GRC will be sending staff into the region to begin deployment of data systems and communications, and to provide technical and logistical support. Both organizations will have people in Iraq and in the air to provide much-needed support to relief workers. Air Serv is operating both large and small aircraft in the region. GRC will be installing and supporting networks, computers, and communications via VSAT.

“Our relationship with GRC, and our natural blending of expertise, makes this beneficial for everyone, said Al Graham, vice president of Air Serv International. “Air Serv can now provide relief workers in Iraq services that will be in high demand in the weeks and months to come.”

Paul Lay, CEO of GRC added, “We are pleased to be associated with Air Serv in this effort. Their experience and ability to provide relief services to people in need is impressive. We are excited about the relationship and look forward to working in an area with such need.”

Air Serv International’s mission is to use aircraft and other appropriate technology for relief and development, restoring hope for the suffering. Air Serv provides safe, reliable, and cost effective air transport to humanitarian agencies involved in relief and development activities. In 18 years, with over 140,000 flights and 16 million miles, Air Serv has never had an aircraft accident or flight-related injury to passengers or crew, although it flies most of its flights in the rough conditions of the developing world. Air Serv pilots average more than 7,000 hours of experience each. The company’s schedule reliability is over 98 percent, in part because it prepositions spare parts and conducts an aggressive maintenance program. For more information see

Global Resources for Computing was founded in 1999 as a systems integration and consulting firm specializing in ministry, missions, faith-based, and other non-profit humanitarian organizations. The GRC website is at GRC currently serves organizations and individuals on a global basis with a variety of systems integration, consulting, hardware, co-location, and connectivity services and products.

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