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Air Serv Supports Hurricane Response

The organization is collaborating with Global Empowerment Mission on the distribution of supplies in the Caribbean after Hurricane Beryl.

On July 1st, Hurricane Beryl made landfall as a category 4 storm before tracking into the Caribbean Sea and rapidly strengthening into a Category 5. In its first Caribbean operation since the Haiti response in 2010, Air Serv is collaborating with Global Empowerment Mission to facilitate the transport of emergency relief cargo into the region, which suffered extensive and widespread damage from the storm. As of Saturday, hundreds of thousands remain without access to power and the extent of the destruction is being surveyed.

Global Empowerment Mission, founded in 2010 in response to the Haiti earthquake, has mobilized a large network of team members and volunteers for response in Jamaica, Grenada, Barbados, and other surrounding islands. The airlift, departing from Miami, will transport nearly 25 tons of health and hygiene kits, as well as shelter supplies, to address immediate needs. In the aftermath of the storm, responders are prioritizing access to food, clean water, and shelter, as well as cleanup efforts to minimize contamination and disease.

Experts have consistently agreed that the development of such a strong storm so early in the season sets an alarming tone, and urge preparation for the coming months. As the earliest-forming Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record, Beryl signals a busy and potentially threatening storm season. As Air Serv returns to its roots of emergency response in addition to operating its longer-term development programs, partnerships such as this with Global Empower Mission, broaden the organization’s network and response capabilities.

Air Serv is urgently requesting support to enable continued response efforts as the storm season progresses. Monetary donations to support transport and airlifts of critically needed cargo can be made at or sent by mail to 215 E Main Street, Remington, VA 22734. Global Empower Mission is also requesting in-kind gifts. Needs include tarps, generators, non-perishable foods (1+ year expiration date), sleeping bags, tents, and professional first aid kits. For the full list of requested supplies, please click here.

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