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Air Serv International aircraft arrived in Sri Lanka to assist in tsunami relief

WARRENTON, Virginia, Jan. 4, 2005 — Air Serv International aircraft have arrived in Sri Lanka and have begun operations as part of the massive response of the humanitarian community to tsunami disaster. A King Air 300 and a Puma helicopter will be used for transporting assessment teams, relief workers, and emergency cargo in Sri Lanka, southeast India, and the Maldives.

Air Serv President Stuart Willcuts arrived in Sri Lanka on Saturday to direct the organization’s response throughout the region.

Air Serv aircraft that were initially scheduled for Sumatra to assist the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) will not be deployed right away because sufficient air support has been diverted by the U.S. military to that region for the initial emergency response. Air Serv aircraft will remain on stand-by in South Africa to assist with the crisis and support OFDA as necessary in Sumatra. Air Serv is currently working with other governmental and non-governmental organizations on the provision of additional aircraft for the massive relief needed throughout Southeast Asia.

Air Serv also is providing data services and satellite communications support via VSAT to relief teams in Indonesia.

Air Serv, a non-profit humanitarian air service operating in areas of great need throughout the world, is requesting donations for its tsunami assistance projects. Contributions may be sent to the organization’s Virginia offices, or can be made at

Air Serv International is a humanitarian organization that excels in transportation and communication links. For 20 years, Air Serv has been providing safe, reliable, and cost effective air transport to humanitarian agencies involved in relief and development activities.

For more information, or to interview Air Serv President Stu Willcuts in Sri Lanka, contact Debbie Payton at (404)245-8500 or

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